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How much does LalTal cost, and what do you get?

We don’t want you to pay for something that isn’t going to work for you, so all our plans begin with a 7-day free trial. We’ll only ask for your payment information if you decide to continue.

Most LalTal learners prefer the full plan, where they can get feedback from their personal English coach all week. This costs $49/month.

All of our plans are auto-renewing, but you can cancel them at any time.


What do you get?

While LalTal isn’t free, we think it’s a pretty good deal for what you’re really getting:

Daily 1:1 interaction

The most important thing is that you have daily interactions with your personal language coach. That means personalized feedback on pronunciation and grammar and new vocabulary suggestions based on what’s important in your life right now. This is not a standardized curriculum – you and your coach will choose the right goals based on the changes you want to see in your life.

Coaching, not just tutoring

The hardest part of learning a language is just showing up. And showing up again tomorrow. And showing up every day after that. Your coach doesn’t just improve your English, but helps you learn how to build a sustainable habit that yields real results. They’ll start with what fits into your life right now, and gently help you build a habit that can last a lifetime.

Use LalTal when it´s convenient for you

While finding 1:1 tutors online is easy, many learners just can’t seem to find an hour on their calendar each week to schedule a class. Of those that do, our research indicates about 40% of them begin to reschedule, cancel, or simply stop showing up within 1 month. With LalTal, you get personalized attention, feedback, and support on your own time, whenever it fits best into your day.

What is the sign-up process like?

You’ll begin with a free, live coaching session to explore your motivation and ensure LalTal is a good fit for you. If so, we’ll teach you how to use the platform and choose the best coach to empower you on your journey. Then you’ll start your free trial and begin to see the benefit of gradually building a learning habit in just 10 minutes per day.

At the end of 7 days, if you’d like to continue (and we’re confident you will), you can choose which plan is right for you. We’ll send you a payment link, and you’ll continue on your learning journey, improving your English to improve your life.