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When you learn Spanish it doesn’t have to be hard. LalTal is personalized language coaching that can be done in only 10 minutes a day. Our coaches make you feel like you are learning from a friend!

Daniele Collins

Get Started with LalTal ASAP…

LalTal is a great tool to get started in learning a new language. They meet you where you are at and they provide the resources necessary to learn. You get to work with a native speaker and practice speaking in your target language. Get started today, you won’t regret it.

Date of experience: July 16, 2023

Svetlana Kochkova

A gym for your language skills

I had a really great experience with LalTal! It is a good service to boost your language skills, to maintain the learning habit. It is like a gym with a coach but for language skills. Just like in a gym, you can set the areas you want to improve, and than work on this with your personal coach! I would even say that it is the most pleasant experience in my language learning journey so far. Highly recommend!

Date of experience: June 30th, 2023

Fabio Fontes

The learning process is very simple

The learning process is very simple, since the class is asynchronous and I can respond whenever I want. Additionally, my coach is very fun, so learning becomes much easier!

Date of experience: July 03, 2023

Alvaro Leonardo

Good methodology. Consistency is the key.

My LalTal experience has been completely enriching because has helped me to improve my communicative skills and confidence with this language. It totally met my expectations.

Date of experience: July 02, 2023

Jonathan Rendon


My experience in LalTal has been very productive because every day we discuss different subjects and I can get feedback each time.

My coach is very kind and very professional.

Date of experience: January 09, 2023

 Personalized Spanish Learning in Only 10 Minutes A Day


LalTal is Coaching, not tutoring

A coach is much different than a tutor! At LalTal there are no tutors — your coach teaches you Spanish like a tutor, but goes beyond that to give you the tools you need to create a new habit and sustain it for a lifetime. It’s personal, effective, and  friendly learning.



Learn anytime you need with LalTal

You can learn with LalTal when you need to and for as long as you want to each day.  With other systems you need to schedule a time with a tutor.  With LalTal you can learn on the go, anyplace.


Conversation with certified, native-speaking coaches every day

Communicate with a certified coach for a fraction of the cost of other systems. LalTal is a portable learning experience that fits your busy schedule.

How LalTal Works


1. Meet your coach


LalTal is like learning from a friend

The first step is setting up a live goal-setting session, anytime that is convenient for you. Your coach will get to know you and help choose goals that are right for you.

An app showing how to learn Spanish


2. Learn new habits that last a lifetime.


Learning With LalTal is Fun

We help you form new habits that bring language to life and make learning fun and meanignful.


Just 10 minutes per day

You can learn on the way to work, in your spare time, or whenever is convenient.


Don't learn a lingo, learn a language

Quick-fix language apps are fun but do they really change your behavior? At LalTal your coach serves as an accountability partner and a source of encouragement. You will develop behavioral hacks and lifetime skills with LalTal.


Have you given up before? LalTal is different.

Have you tried to learn a language before and quit? Don’t worry, LalTal helps you build habits that keep you engaged and self-confidence that makes you committed to learning.

Start Today!

Ready to learn Spanish today? It’s easy to get started with LalTal and establish goals that will help you learn new habits and transform your life through language. Get started with your personal language coach and learn in just 10 minutes per day, whenever it’s convenient for you. We are confident that our method works, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Personalized Language Coaching

Learn Spanish With LalTal. It’s Easy

Just like diet and exercise, language learning is good for you, but it’s hard. It takes commitment. And just like diet and exercise, doing too much all at once leads to burnout and quitting.

With LalTal, we help our learners learn in 10 minutes per day and provide daily encouragement plus accountability to develop a learning habit.


What Our Learners Say


“I love the LalTal method because I get to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing English every day and I enjoy spending time …”

Learning Spanish for Business


LalTal has really increased my confidence! The daily prompts help me to think in Spanish. Honestly, I feel like my skills are improving every day.

Full-time Student Abroad


“I have done many face to face and virtual courses and they were good and necessary, but I lacked confidence and fluency. With LalTal I lost the fear to talk, and today I feel more confident because I know that I am able to express my ideas and others understand me. With the little corrections from my coach, this method was perfect.

Learning Spanish to speak with her grandparents


Frequently Asked

How Does LalTal Work?

Our unique experience pairs you with a coach and connects learners with coaches. Using asynchronous, audio voice messaging (without having to be connected at the same time!), learners practice speaking and listening in Spanish for ~10 min each day. Their coaches provide corrections for grammar and pronunciation and teach new vocabulary, but, most importantly, they connect the learner’s daily language practice with the learner’s goals, so that learners begin to make language a real part of their lives.

How Many Lessons Do I get?

We don’t limit your learning. LalTal is a new way of learning that doesn’t give ‘lessons’ like you had in school. LalTal pairs you with a coach you can message at any time of day. It’s designed to help you build a habit of learning — 10 minutes a day, every day.


Can LalTal help my organization or employees learn a language?

If you are an organization or corporation looking to offer language learning to your employees feel free to reach out to our customer success team and we can discuss solutions for you.  Contact Us.

How Can I Become A Coach For LalTal?

Our company is always looking for qualified coaches. Contact us directly for more information.

Contact Us.

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Start your journey with LalTal today and discover how the LalTal learning experience is different than other language programs. Set up your live goal-setting session today.  We are confident that our method works, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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