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Personalized language coaching – in 10 minutes per day

Learning a language is hard!

Just like diet and exercise, language learning is good for you, but it’s hard. It takes commitment. And just like diet and exercise, doing too much all at once leads to burnout and quitting.

LalTal helps our students learn Spanish in 10 minutes per day and provides daily encouragement and accountability to develop a learning habit.

What’s different about LalTal?

LalTal connects Spanish learners with coaches. Using asynchronous, audio voice messaging (without having to be connected at the same time!), learners practice speaking and listening in Spanish for ~10 min each day. Their language coaches provide corrections for grammar and pronunciation and teach new vocabulary, but, most importantly, they connect the learner’s daily Spanish language practice with the learner’s goals, so that learners begin to make Spanish a real part of their lives.

Personalized language coaching

Learning can be lonely! Our coaches are more than tutors. They help you remember why improving your Spanish is important to you and keep you focused on your goals. They offer you encouragement and act as your accountability partner.

No scheduling required

With LalTal, you don’t have to make time on your schedule – it only takes 10 minutes a day, whenever it’s convenient for you. Some people are schedule-driven. Others prefer the flexibility to learn whenever they want. Whichever you prefer, we’ve got you covered.


Video is too invasive! Our focus on audio lets you practice speaking and listening with a real human being (even if you’re not connected at the same time!). With LalTal, you can learn in your bed or on the toilet. We don’t care. The important thing is that LalTal works in your life.

What people are saying about LalTal

“From LalTal I learned that education can be personalized. I choose the topics we discuss, and my language coach helps me learn the Spanish that matters to me.” 

– Emily

“I love the LalTal method because I get to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing Spanish every day and I enjoy spending time to improve my life. It’s also great to connect with another person; I love getting to know my coach. “

– Chris

“Laltal has really increased my confidence! The daily prompts help me think in Spanish. Honestly, I feel my skills are improving every day.“  

– Tristan


About us

LalTal was formed in the summer of 2020 to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between people who have it and those who want to obtain it. We’ve learned a lot since then. We understand how hard it is to learn and that one of the biggest challenges to do so is to take that first step and keep going, day after day, for a lifetime. 

That’s why we focus on the behavioral aspects of language learning, connecting your daily Spanish practice to your life goals, and constantly keeping them in front of you.

Get started!

The first step is to have a live goal-setting session to learn a bit more about your learning needs and ensure LalTal is a good fit for you. If so, we’ll teach you how to use the platform and choose the best language coach so you can begin your language learning journey. You can then make your payment and start improving your Spanish with your personalized language coach. We are confident that our method works, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.