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How To Learn Spanish With Netflix


A fun language trick that can help you learn a new language


Learning Spanish can be fun and you can do it while watching Netflix


Learning a new language like Spanish can seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. With the right tools and resources, learning a language like Spanish can actually be quite enjoyable. A fun way that you can learn that might seem a bit silly is to use Netflix! Netflix offers a wide variety of Spanish-language shows that are both entertaining and educational. Some bloggers even use this and other tricks to make learning Spanish fun. Let’s take a look at how to learn Spanish with Netflix.


Take Advantage of Subtitles and Audio Options

One great way to learn Spanish with Netflix is by utilizing the subtitles and audio options available on many shows. You can select “Spanish” as your subtitle language and “Original Audio” as your sound option so that you can follow along with what is being said in the show without having to read subtitles in English. This helps you get used to hearing native speakers and familiarizing yourself with their accents and dialects. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to practice reading the words in Spanish on the screen to pick up key phrases and vocabulary words.


Find Shows That Match Your Interests

Another great way to learn Spanish with Netflix is by finding shows that match your interests. If you enjoy watching documentaries, for example, there are several unique Spanish-language offerings available on Netflix such as “Explorer: Inside North Korea” or “Explorer: Into The Wild Amazon” that will keep you engaged while also helping you learn more about the language. If comedy is more your style, then check out some popular sitcoms like “Club de Cuervos” or “The House of Flowers” which feature funny storylines that will help bring life into your learning experience.


Focus on Immersion

Finally, when learning Spanish with Netflix it’s important to focus on immersion rather than perfection. Instead of getting bogged down trying to parse out every word or phrase, focus instead on understanding what is happening within each scene or episode overall so that you can pick up on context clues if necessary. This will help make learning fun while also allowing you to progress at a comfortable pace without feeling overwhelmed by all of the information coming at you at once.



Learning a new language doesn’t need to be overwhelming or difficult – it can actually be fun! By taking advantage of all of the resources available through Netflix such as subtitles, audio options, and interesting shows that match your personal interests – learning Spanish can become an enjoyable experience that will stick with you for years to come! So why not give it a try? Who knows – maybe one day soon you’ll find yourself speaking fluent Spanish!

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Basic Spanish Words & Phrases


Buenas: Hi (informal)
Buenas noches: Good evening
Bienvenido: Welcome
Buenas noches: Good night

Me llamo:  My name is
Que vaya bien: Have a good day

General Help

¿Puede ayudarme?: Can you help me?
No entiendo: I don’t understand
Más despacio, por favor: slower, please
¿Puede repetir?:  Can you repeat?
¿Qué significa…?: What does … mean?
No sé: I don’t know

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