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Fun Ways to Learn Spanish


Learning Spanish can be easier than you think

Learning a new language can take a bit of time.  This often tends to make learners stray off the path. If picking up a new language starts to get dull, there are many ways to spice up the learning process. With the right attitude and the right approach, learning Spanish can be fun and rewarding. In this blog post, we’ll go over five ways to make learning Spanish easier and more enjoyable.


Watch Movies in Spanish

There are lots of fun ways to learn Spanish as illustrated in this blog post but movies are one of the most enjoyable. Movies are a great way to learn a new language, especially Spanish. Watching movies in their original language helps you get used to the sound of words and phrases being spoken aloud and hearing them used in everyday conversations. Plus, you can pause the video whenever you need more time to understand what is being said or written on screen. Just make sure you choose films that have clear audio and subtitles so that you can follow along easily.


Listen to Music in Spanish

Music is one of the best ways to learn Spanish because it’s fun and engaging. Listening to music in Spanish will help you understand different dialects as well as slang terms used by native speakers. Also, when you listen to songs with lyrics, you’ll pick up on words faster than if you were just reading them from a book or website.


Practice with Games

Games are an excellent way for adults as well as children to practice their Spanish skills while having fun at the same time. There are plenty of online games that focus on vocabulary as well as grammar which can help reinforce your knowledge of the language while also increasing your confidence when speaking it out loud. Plus, they’re usually free so you don’t even have to pay for them!


Talk with Native Speakers

One of the best ways to learn any language is by conversing with native speakers who are willing to help you out. You can find these people online or use a system like we have here at LalTal where we pair you with a native-speaking coach. Talking with native speakers will also give you an opportunity to hear how they pronounce certain words which will help improve your own pronunciation skills quickly.


Travel Abroad

If possible, consider traveling abroad so that you can experience first-hand what it means to live in a country where Spanish is spoken all around them – something that cannot be replicated through books or videos alone! Traveling abroad not only gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture but also exposes your ears (and mind) to new phrases and expressions which will further aid your efforts in becoming fluent in no time!



Learning a new language doesn’t have to be intimidating nor does it have take years before mastering it.  With the right attitude and tools at hand such as movies, music, travel abroad experiences etc., learning Spanish could potentially become one of the most enjoyable experiences ever! So why wait? Start practicing today! ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)


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