LalTal connects English learners with coaches. Using asynchronous, audio voice messaging, learners practice speaking and listening in English for ~10 min each day. Their coaches provide corrections for grammar and pronunciation and teach new vocabulary, but, most importantly, they connect the learner’s daily English language practice with the learner’s goals, so that learners begin to make English a real part of their lives.

Personalized Coaching

Learning can be lonely! Our coaches are more than tutors. They help you remember why improving your English is important to you and keep you focused on your goals. They offer you encouragement and act as your accountability partner.

No scheduling required 

With LalTal, you don’t have to make time on your schedule – it only takes 10 minutes a day, whenever it’s convenient for you. Some people are schedule-driven. Others prefer the flexibility to learn whenever they want. Whichever you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Audio focus

Video is too invasive! Our focus on audio lets you practice speaking and listening with a real human being (but you don’t have to put your shirt on!). With LalTal, you can learn in your bed or on the toilet. We don’t care. The important thing is that LalTal works in your life.


7-day free trial
US$49 / month
Free month for every referral who stays for a month
Volume pricing – Something less for 6 months or 1 year
Money-back guarantee



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Schedule your free coaching session

One of our coaches is going to send you an email to schedule your free coaching session.

Get started!

You’ll begin with a free, live coaching session to explore your motivation and determine whether you’re a good fit for LalTal. If so, we’ll teach you how to use the platform and choose the best coach to empower you on your journey. Then you’ll begin your free trial and begin to see the benefit of gradually building a learning habit in just 10 minutes per day.