Start having meaningful conversations in Spanish in 1 month

With our Conversational Spanish Course, we get you from zero to hero so you can confidently make your way around any Spanish-speaking country during your next trip or establish a deeper connection with the Spanish speakers around you!


Bespoke practice according to your needs and destination

No Scheduling

It only takes 10 minutes a day


Real conversation with native speaking coaches


Course Overview

Greetings and Conversation Starters

Learn the core vocabulary and structures to engage into day-to-day Spanish conversations confidently and effectively. Practice them every day with your language coach until you nail them!

I am / I have / I like / I live / I need

Learn how to express your needs, your tastes, your origins, and your traits accurately whether it is to travel more comfortably or to connect with Spanish speakers at a deeper level.

Cultural Fine Points and Regional Vocabulary

Share your region-specific concerns and interests with your language coach so you can work together to make the most out of your international experience in a Spanish speaking country!

Start Today!

Our course focuses on daily practice with Native Spanish Coaches via voice memos so you can start having meaningful conversations fast. Let’s get talking!


What can you achieve in 1 month?

Make the Most Out of Your Next Trip

Get key vocabulary, phrases, and fluency to navigate your way around any Spanish-speaking country you go to in your next trip

Become a Better Learner

Develop a learning habit that allows you to grow your skills through consistency and personalized guidance

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Get a solid foundation on cultural aspects so you can begin catching references and enjoy arts and media at a deeper level

Speak With More People

Do you interact with Spanish speakers in your day to day? Develop a baseline to establish a deeper connection 

Humans learn languages better by interacting with other humans

LalTal connects Spanish learners with coaches. Using asynchronous, audio voice messaging (without having to be connected at the same time!), learners practice speaking and listening in Spanish for ~10 min each day.

Their language coaches provide corrections for grammar and pronunciation and teach new vocabulary, but, most importantly, they connect the learner’s daily Spanish language practice with the learner’s goals, so that learners begin to make Spanish a real part of their lives.


The LalTal Way


Improve your Spanish to improve your life

Improving your Spanish improves your confidence, helps you meet more people, increases your job opportunities, and makes you happier! Language is a tool to accomplish your goals. We focus on those goals to boost your language learning journey.


Build a lifetime learning habit

Lots of people try to learn Spanish and give up. Either it’s too hard and they stop trying or they get bored and lose interest. At LalTal, we meet you where you are and gently build habits that fit into your life.


Focus on what matters to you

Many of our learners want to improve their Spanish to enhance their travel experiences. They’re practicing core structures and vocabulary that allow them to navigate their way around any Spanish-speaking country in the world! Your language coach is with you to practice the Spanish that matters to you.


Increase your confidence

Most of our learners are actually much better at speaking Spanish than they realize. The quickest way to unlock their potential is simply to improve their confidence in speaking! We help improve your confidence so you can make use of the Spanish you already have!

Personalized Spanish Coaching

Forget about pre-recorded impersonal lessons and time-consuming workbooks that don’t suit your learning preferences. We connect you with a native Spanish coach who personalizes our syllabus according to your needs, and helps you not only with your Spanish but with the way you develop new learning habits!


What Our Learners Say

“From LalTal I learned that education can be personalized. I choose the topics we discuss, and my language Coach helps me learn the Spanish that matters to me.” 


Learning Spanish for traveling

“LalTal has really increased my confidence! The daily prompts help me to think in Spanish. Honestly, I feel like my skills are improving every day .”  


Learning Spanish to study abroad


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course consist of online classes?

We offer Personalized Spanish Coaching through voice memos. This means that you get linguistic insights and feedback from a native Spanish expert with the flexibility to practice whenever and wherever you want. Gone are the days of scheduling a tutor!

I don't speak any Spanish yet. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! LalTal’s Language Coaches adapt the courses and curricula according to the specific needs of every single one of our students, so we can walk by your side at any point of your language learning journey!

How is this different from other language aquisition apps?

Traditional language learning apps lack the human interaction you need to develop real proficiency. That’s why LalTal combines both the convenience of a language app with the one-on-one guidance of a language tutor.

What if I want to practice my conversational skills for more than just one month?

Our 1-month course is designed to help you develop a solid foundation of conversational skills. With this, you can achieve even more with consistent practice. Through our subscription plans, you can use LalTal for as long as you wish!

How do I get started?

If you are ready to start learning, simply click “Get Started” below. Once you complete your purchase, one of our staff members will reach out to you to connect you with the best language coach for you so you can begin your course right away!

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We are excited to be part of your language-learning journey. After completing the purchase of your course, we’ll connect you with the best Language Coach so they can help you practice the Spanish that matters to you!

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