One of the most challenging parts of learning a new skill is finding the time to invest in it. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world traditional ways of learning are starting to prove stale. Still, many people feel that leaning on an expert to guide them through the learning process works best for them. 

We have all been there. You finally decide to enroll in an English course or to start guitar lessons with a private tutor. The first couple of weeks things work out fine and you make progress, but soon enough life just starts getting in the way. Your job, relationships, and other responsibilities cause you to miss your classes and curb your progress.  

So you decide to try a completely new approach that doesn’t require you to show up on a fixed schedule. This could be a pre-recorded course, a learning app, or even a textbook with exercises you can complete at your own pace. You enjoy the flexibility and convenience of that kind of material but it’s not personalized, and it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re learning alone.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the best of both worlds? You can, through our human-centered asynchronous learning. Here at LalTal, we have created a method that is the perfect balance between flexibility, convenience, and human interaction to revolutionize the way you learn English!


The premise is simple — we connect you with an English coach who guides you through your learning journey, answers your questions, and keeps you motivated. And thanks to our voice memo-based method, you don’t have to clear a slot in your busy schedule. You log on whenever you want and simply listen to your coach’s prompts, record your response, and wait for their feedback. 

This is a revolutionary method that allows you to learn English wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you while still receiving the valuable guidance of an expert who empowers your language learning journey and acts as an accountability partner to help you create a sustainable learning habit! 

In our fast-paced times, you no longer need to fit into traditional learning models; learning models should change to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and goals. And that’s what LalTal is all about: providing our learners with personalized language coaching that actually works for them so they can become the English speakers they’ve always wanted to be. 

 Are you ready to leverage human-centered asynchronous learning? Schedule a free goal-setting session now and let us find the right language coach for you!

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