I’ve tried it all before…

• You downloaded an app to learn Spanish. It was fun for a little while, but you only learned some vocabulary words – you never got to practice speaking.

• You told yourself you would get a tutor, but finding an hour on your schedule was just impossible, so you never did.

• You actually hired a tutor for an hour each week. It was great while you were in class, but you never found time to practice during the rest of the week. After a month of very little progress, you decided it just wasn’t working and quit.

Why don’t these standard language learning methods work?

The actual process of learning a language isn’t all that hard. It takes time, sure. It takes effort, sure. But mostly it’s just that – time and effort. And that’s exactly the problem! Tutors are great, but they take an hour off your schedule every week. That’s hard! You can use an app whenever you want to, but it doesn’t generate the motivation to use it. That’s hard! The reason that standard learning methods don’t work for so many people is that their own behavior stands in the way. It’s just really hard to make time in your schedule and generate the motivation to put in the effort, especially consistently over time, that it takes to learn a language.

So what should I do?

The trick in learning a language is to address these behavioral elements so that you can actually show up consistently to put in the time and effort to learn. That’s exactly what LalTal does.

• We connect you with a coach who doesn’t just teach you a language, but encourages you and serves as an accountability partner to keep you going even when your motivation is flagging.
• We coach asynchronously, meaning you can do it any time you want – it doesn’t have to be on your schedule
• We know that whatever we do to help you learn a language has to fit into your life right now, and it has to be sustainable. So we won’t load you up with tons of homework that you don’t have time to do. 10 minutes a day is enough, if you can do it consistently.
• We help you overcome the “all or nothing” mindset that gets in the way of even getting started. We believe that, “Something is better than nothing,” and, “Consistency is key!”

Is LalTal right for me?

We’ve created a short survey to discover whether LalTal might be a good fit for you. It helps you set out your goals for learning Spanish, and it just takes a few minutes. Check it out!

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