10 Reasons Language Apps Are Bad. Here’s A Better Way to Learn.


Everyone wants to learn a new language, but not everyone has the time to take classes or hire a tutor. So what do you do? You download a language learning app, like all your friends use. But before you get too excited, let me break it to you: those apps aren’t as great as they make themselves out to be. I know, I know – it’s a bummer. However, as someone who speaks Spanish poorly, I’ve still managed to get some use out of them. So, grab a drink, and let’s debate these ten reasons why language apps are bad, and what you can use instead.

Impersonal Nature

The first reason why language apps are bad is that they’re impersonal. You’re learning from an app instead of an actual person, which means there’s no one there to adjust their teaching style to fit you. Some people thrive in that kind of self-teaching environment, but most struggle to keep their motivation up without that personal touch.

Learning Dialect-Dependent Words

When you’re learning a language through an app, you’re learning its standard dialect. This can leave you at a disadvantage if you’re planning to travel and visit areas where another dialect is spoken. It’s hard to adjust if you only know a language’s basic dialect.

Little Interaction

Language learning apps don’t allow for much interaction. You’re listening, repeating, typing, and reading words on a screen – but that’s about it. Without conversations and practicing with others in real-time, it’s challenging to get comfortable with a language.

No Social Context

Without any social context, it’s challenging to understand how to use and apply the words you’re learning. Language is a human tool created for social interaction. Without a social environment, you’re missing out on the vital nuances that make you fluent.

Limited Vocabulary

While most apps offer a limited pool of vocabulary to select from. You can’t live a meaningful life by only knowing how to say “thank you” and “where is the bathroom?”. An app can only go so far in teaching you more complicated words, sentences, and idioms.

Confusing Grammar

If you’re learning grammar through an app, you might be in for a surprise when you speak to fluent speakers. Language apps can be overly dependent on strict grammatical structures, which is not how native speakers use the language. Without real-time feedback, learning grammar can be confusing.

App Fatigue

It’s easy to get burnt out after studying for an hour or two through an app. Don’t we all stare at screens and apps too much anyway? You lose interest easily and find it hard to maintain motivation. It’s no surprise that app fatigue is a real issue.

Boring content

Repetition and flashcards are the heart and soul of these apps. As helpful as they might be, it gets incredibly dull after a while. Apps struggle to keep their users motivated by using these methods over and over.

Misleading Promises & Expectations

Finally, language learning app makers can make unrealistic promises to attract customers. Some apps promise that you’ll be fluent in a language in a few short months. This kind of promise is misleading and can set you up for disappointment.

Can be Expensive

While most language learning apps have some free content, the majority charge for premium features. If you’re looking to become fluent in a new language, you might have to pay the premium. If you are going to pay, why not make your investment worth it and invest in a better system?

Enter LalTal, a language system that lets you learn from a real person. A coach that is there for you and will focus on the social aspect that is missing from apps. LalTal also takes away the boring aspect that basic language apps have a problem with and leaves you with an engaging partner that will coach you through learning Spanish.

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