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What Makes LalTal Different?

Learn from a language coach

Learning from a coach is like learning from a friend. LalTal is different than other apps because you have daily interaction with your native speaking coach.

Learn new habits

It’s easy to learn because LalTal helps you form new habits that bring language to life and make learning fun, meaningful, and attainable.

Learn in just 10 min/day

You can learn a language in just 10 minutes per day. LalTal lets you learn wherever you are and whenever you want. You will love it.

Learn English!

Ready to learn English today? It’s easy to get started with LalTal and establish goals that will help you learn new habits and transform your life through language.  Get started with your personal language coach and learn in just 10 minutes per day, whenever it’s convenient for you. We are confident that our method works, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Learn Spanish!

Want to learn Spanish?  Our Spanish system lets you learn at your own pace with LalTal. You will begin your journey with a personal language coach, set goals, and learn in just 10 minutes per day, at times that are convenient for you. You are going to love our system.  You are just one step away from starting the journey to a new language with your LalTal coach.


Personalized Language Coaching

Learn With LalTal. It’s Easy

Just like diet and exercise, language learning is good for you, but it’s hard. It takes commitment. And just like diet and exercise, doing too much all at once leads to burnout and quitting.

With LalTal, we help our learners learn in 10 minutes per day and provide daily encouragement plus accountability to develop a learning habit.


What Our Learners Say


“I love the LalTal method because I get to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing English every day and I enjoy spending time …”

Learning Spanish for Business


LalTal has really increased my confidence! The daily prompts help me to think in Spanish. Honestly, I feel like my skills are improving every day.

Full-time Student Abroad


“I have done many face to face and virtual courses and they were good and necessary, but I lacked confidence and fluency. With LalTal I lost the fear to talk, and today I feel more confident because I know that I am able to express my ideas and others understand me. With the little corrections from my coach, this method was perfect.

Learning Spanish to speak with her grandparents

Get Started Today!

Start your journey with LalTal today and discover how the LalTal learning experience is different than other language programs. Set up your live goal-setting session today.  We are confident that our method works, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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